Store Policies

  • Allergies Notice
  • Long/short hair cat & dog fur may be present on product. We will do our best for it to remain free of these contaminants, however we cannot guarantee.

Business Information

  • Palmetto Hobby Distribution LLC, is doing business as Palmetto Hobby, and will be mentioned as Palmetto Hobby here on out on this website.
  • We are a registered company out of the State of South Carolina, with all applicable business and retail licenses for our state, county, and city.
  • Store Address:
    355 West 3rd Street
    Swansea, SC 29160
  • SC Retail License: 105228487
  • VA Retail License: 10-863829063F-001

Return Policy

  • Returns are not accepted on open merchandise
  • Returns of sealed product are subject to a 25% restocking fee

Chargeback Policy

  • A chargeback is the the withdrawal or reversal of an already processed payment.
  • Any customer who initiates a chargeback against Palmetto Hobby for completed orders or services rendered will be disputed to the fullest extent.
  • In addition, any customer who files a chargeback, regardless of the reason or the outcome, will be permanently suspended on all of Palmetto Hobby platforms.
  • Palmetto Hobby reserves the right to pursue civil lawsuit, and or criminal charges for chargebacks also.

Privacy Policy

  • Palmetto Hobby will not disclose, or sell any customer information that is sent to us when you order something from our website, or contact us
  • Palmetto Hobby is not responsible for information leaked due to a hack of Shopify, or it's payment processors

Sealed Product

  • At Palmetto Hobby , we strive to do our best to provide as free of blemishes, and torn packaging on sealed product as possible.
  • We cannot guarantee pristine packaging for any product due to shipping to, of from us, but will do our absolute best.
  • Some product is purchased from retail, which we also cannot guarantee blemish free packaging.

Pricing Transparency

Break Pack Margins

Our average TCG booster pack margin break down follows below. Not all TCG packs follow this as demand for them is lower and thus have a lower selling point. Some also have a higher margin due to market pricing. We have a $1.50/pk margin, plus the transaction fee, rounded up to nearest $0.25:

- Website order transaction fee: 6%+$0.5

- DripShop order transaction fee: 9%

- WhatNot order Transactions fee: 12.5%+$0.5

- $0.5/pk to labor

- $0.5/pk to utilities & rent, insurance, capital costs

- $0.25/pk to monthly giveaways, monthly prizes, and or monthly donations 

- $0.25/pk to profit to be used for coverage for any shortfalls in other areas, location expansion, inventory expansion

Additional Pricing such as MSRP and Market

We typically charge MSRP for most products, and sometimes a little more to cover costs for free shipping if it's sealed. We charge MSRP, pack margin, or market pricing, depending on which is higher, and what the market is willing to buy.

Now, why do we do that?

As a business, we have to clear $4500 a month in revenue to just cover business expenses listed below, this doesn't include labor:

  • rent (2 locations)
  • utilities (2 locations)
  • security systems (2 locations)
  • capital repayment (loan from self to start)
  • Shopify subscription
  • clover pos subscription
  • insurance (2 locations)
  • social media management 
  • advertising