What is a break?

  • A "break" is when you purchase a physical, sealed Pokemon products from Palmetto Breaks, and we open them for you on stream live.

What is a hit?

  • Full Art
  • Rainbow Rare
  • Secret Rare
  • Gold Card
  • Holo Energy
  • Baby Shiny
  • EG
  • GX
  • V
  • VMax

What is a Personal Break?

  • When you purchase a break by yourself to be opened on stream.

What is a Group Break?

  • When you purchase a break with 9+ other people to be opened on stream.

What cards do I receive?

  • Personal Break: will receive all cards within a pack, minus the code card. Only a hit will be put into a Card Saver, remaining holos will be individually penny sleeved.
  • Group Break: will receive all hits and holos for your respective spot assignment, along with evenly distributed amount of bulk.
  • Bulk: If you don't want you bulk, please indicate so in the notes section at check out.

What is bulk?

  • Non-holo energy card
  • Commons
  • Uncommons
  • Non-holo Rare

Hit-less Giveaway

  • If you go hit-less during during a set of a group break, you will receive 1 Hit-less Giveaway Raffle. At the completion of all group breaks for that day, the hit-less entries will be randomized, and the winners will receive a sealed booster pack.
  • A break will state whether it is eligible for hit-less giveaway or not.